Exhibit Space Application

The undersigned hereby makes application for space in the 2018 Builders Home & Remodeling Show. Payment (in U.S. Funds) for 50 percent of booth cost must accompany exhibit space application. See below for rules and regulations.

Click here to download a PDF of the 2018 Home & Remodeling Show exhibit space application.

Booth Size Booth Price
5' x 20' Corner $1,585
10' x 10' $1,435
10' x 10' Corner $1,585
10' x 20' $2,755
10' x 20' Corner $2,905
10' x 20' Double Corner $3,055
10' x 30' $4,075
10' x 30' Corner $4,225
10' x 30' Double Corner $4,375
10' x 40' $5,400
10' x 40' Corner $5,550
20' x 20' $5,400
20' x 20' Double Corner $5,700
20' x 30' $8,050
20' x 30' Double Corner $8,350
Certain Fields Are Required

  • Specify Booth Preferences

  • 1 - A. Booth Location Choice:
  • 1st Booth Choice:
    2nd Booth Choice:
  • 1 - B. Select Booth Size, Type and Table*: (Note: One table with a color-coordinated skirt is included with your booth. All tables are 2' wide and 30" tall. Booths also include carpet.) See section 2A for additional space.

  • 1 - C. Floor Covering:

  • 1 - D. Utilities:

    (Prices include utility service for all show days; service fees and applicable taxes are also included in prices.) Please note this pricing is effective until Friday, July 27, 2018. After that date, late pricing will be in effect. See Exhibitor Manual for additional services, gas, water and all other order forms.
  • 1 - E. List ALL Products/Services to be Shown in Booth:
  • 1 - F. Special Requests: (Note: use this space to list companies/products that you do not wish to be adjacent to.)

  • Complete Contact Information

  • Booth Sign:
    Company Name:
  • First Name:
    Last Name:
  • Job Title:
    Address 1:
  • City:
  • ZIP:
  • Phone:
    Cell Phone:
  • Fax:
    Website Address:
  • E-Mail Address:
    Confirm E-Mail Address:
  • E-Mail Address ( Alternate ):
    Confirm E-Mail Address ( Alternate ):
  • Facebook Page URL:
    LinkedIN URL:
  • Twitter Handle:
    Instagram URL:
  • Exhibitor Tax ID (State Tax ID Preferred) or Social Security Number:
    Note: Required by the City of St. Charles for obtaining Promoters Business License for show.
    • I have read, understand and will abide by all of the provisions of the Rules, Regulations and Instructions and in the show exhibitor manual, all of which shall be part of this contract.
    • Full payment is due July 27, 2018. If full payment is not received before this date, space shall be forfeited and no exhibit may be set-up. No refunds or credits will be made for booth(s) cancelled after June 27, 2018  - cancellations made prior to this date will be subject to a cancellation fee of 25 percent of your total booth cost. Utility payments are non-refundable.
    • Payment of 50 percent of booth cost MUST be received within 15 days of reserving booth space. If deposit is not received within 15 days, your booth space will be cancelled. Should you rebook space, a deposit will be required up-front via credit card to secure your new booth location.

    Make checks payable to the Home Builders Association or HBA. Returned checks will be charged a $25 service fee.

  • Grand Total:

  • Payment Options:

  • Total Amount Due Today: