Advertising Information

Directory Listing in Printed Show Directory
Each exhibitor receives a free directory listing in the printed Show Directory, if requested by deadline published on form. Exhibitors also have the option to purchase additional listings, list their web address, bold their listings and list additional phone numbers for a nominal fee.

Print Ad in Show Directory
Printed Show directories are available for all attendees at each of our Show entrances and many people use this as a buying guide. Exhibitors have the option to purchase a display ad in the printed Show Directory. Ads start at as little as $275. Don't miss your opportunity to stand out!

Web Site
Exhibitors may purchase web site display ads on most of the pages on our web site. Ads start at as little as $75 for the Home & Remodeling and St. Charles Home Shows and $150 for the Home & Garden Show. Ads run for one year.