Expand your Living Space with a Sunroom or Screenroom

Expand your Living Space with a Sunroom or Screenroom
October, 2013

Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors offers multiple enclosure options including screenrooms and thermally insulated rooms to use as a true extension of your home. A Jacob Sunroom is the perfect solution to adding enjoyable living space to your home. The Leisure Room® Series features vinyl as the main visible component, making their vinyl sunrooms the premiere patio enclosure. Vinyl is an excellent insulator, durable, attractive, and virtually maintenance-free. A vinyl sunroom maximizes your room’s enjoyment and efficiency because vinyl offers many benefits over aluminum. With the Leisure Room® Series, an all vinyl sunroom looks like it was meant to be part of the home, not an afterthought.

Jacob Sunrooms are custom designed for your home. There are a variety of features, options, and benefits available in their sunroom lines, designed for almost every budget. You will finally be able to enjoy your beautiful outdoor living space without the seasonal elements and pesky bugs!

Jacob also has energy efficient, vinyl replacement windows that are custom-made for a precise fit in your home. Select from their wide variety of vinyl replacement window styles and models to lower your energy bills and increase your home's comfort and value. All Jacob double hung windows are made from uPVC, or virgin vinyl, to assure the highest quality. Using vinyl also makes Jacob double hung windows maintenance-free, meaning they will never need painting or scraping, and will not rot, chip or peel. All Jacob double hung window sashes tilt-in for easy and safer cleaning from inside your home. Locking Zinc Tilt Pins also prevent accidental sash displacement during window cleaning.

Jacob vinyl double hung windows feature a Thermal Weight Management System, enabling you to open and close the double hung window's sashes with ease. This balance system is made with similar cord materials used in mountain climbing. The Thermal Weight Management System works on direct vertical force, causing less friction than other window balance systems on the market. Jacob vinyl double hung window frames feature multi-chambered, Parallel I-beam Construction to provide strength, durability and longevity. Fully-welded and weeped sills make their double hung window welds 300% stronger than the industry's standard windows, while providing excellent water resistance.

Check out their vinyl sunrooms and the rest of their products at www.JacobExteriors.com.