Overlooked Spring Cleaning Jobs - Exterior

Overlooked Spring Cleaning Jobs - Exterior

April, 2018

With winter finally leaving and warmer weather on the way, it’s time to tackle all that spring cleaning! It can be a lengthy process but it’s important that you don’t miss these often-overlooked steps.

Winter can be rough on the exterior of your home. So you should start on the exterior before the spring rains cause more problems.
• Clean out the gutters of any debris left over from the winter storms and check to make sure your gutters are still securely fastened.
• Clear away all the debris from your exterior drains. This will allow the heavy spring rains to properly flow and prevent back-ups.
• Check your windows for any cracking or splitting from the caulk. If so, clean off the mildew and replace the caulk.
• The warming weather will inevitably lead to outdoor entertaining, so don’t forget to clean off your patio furniture using a mild soap and warm water. Gently scrub away any dirt that has collected over the winter. If you have wrought iron and rust has started forming, gently sand it off.

Call a Pro: Have a contractor certified by National Roofing Contractors Association inspect your roof for any missing, warped or loose shingles and check for loose seals on your skylights.

Now that you've checked these jobs off your list, you can start enjoying the spring!

Information courtesy of the National Association of Home Builders, www.NAHB.org.