Have Complete Control over your Custom Home Building Process

Have Complete Control over your Custom Home Building Process
September, 2016

Alair Homes is a custom home builder and remodeler that offers a unique service to their customers. They use a revolutionary Client Control™ model, which gives their clients complete control over their entire project. Every detail of their project is available to them, including budgets, trade quotes, trade contracts and material costs.

Clients have 24/7 insight into the details, real-time budget, supplier quotes and selections, and timeline of their project, so they always know where it stands and what to expect next. The end result is total control from day one, far more buying power and no surprises. Alair Homes never charges a “luxury markup” so the quality of materials, appliances and labor is never compromised. Their relationships with top-level experts in building and renovating allow for huge cost benefits and value that they pass on to their clients.

Alair Homes’ goal is to make sure their clients are as informed as possible about their projects, which includes educating them about their choices, from financing to materials to finishes, and developing a realistic plan and budget that works for them. Their consultants can take a look at your project, answer any questions you have, and walk you through a Planning Guide as well. The average Alair Homes free consultation covers more than 100 detailed categories. Whether or not you choose to work with Alair, you’ll be better armed to manage your project masterfully.

Visit http://www.alairhomes.com/St-Louis/ for more information.