Why Participate in Our Shows

The Home & Remodeling Show Exhibitor Advantages

The Home & Remodeling Show is a highly effective marketing event for exhibitors who are looking to cultivate new revenue, increase lead generation and achieve brand recognition. For over 35 years the Home & Remodeling Show exhibitors keep coming back and here are the reasons why…

We deliver customers to you. Our sole Show marketing focus is to bring you thousands of "ready to buy” quality customers. The Show’s marketing mix consists of digital, TV and radio, billboards and print. (Check out the media data in last year’s Show Overview. It will help you gain an overall picture of how the Show’s marketing positioning works for you.) The Home & Remodeling Show is honored to be among the premier home shows in the country and proud to offer the best-attended, well-regarded fall home event in the metropolitan St. Louis area. You don’t need to go looking for new clients any further - exhibit at the Show and we bring them to you.

We create a space where buyers and sellers come together
to meet face-to-face. It is experiential marketing at its best!
Thousands of home owning consumers come to the Show to
meet professionals who specialize in home products and services to fulfill their home improvement dreams. They come to be educated about home products and services. They want to touch, see and experience all the home products our home improvement businesses have to offer. And, they want to get to know our exhibitors on a one-on-one basis. Our exhibitors find this face-to-face opportunity to be an amazing experience, as it gives them a chance to build loyal relationships with newly engaged qualified customers or reconnect with previous customers. (Visit last year’s Show Overview to learn more about the demographics of our attending consumers.)

Collect new leads and fire up your prospect list. Our surveys show, of the thousands of consumers who attend the Home & Remodeling Show, 90% of them are qualified homeowners, 35% have household incomes of more than $100,000 and 75% plan to do a home improvement project in the next 12 months. We direct our marketing at your target market. Our goal is to bring you quality customers in high volume numbers. We hope to give you every opportunity possible to turn those highly sought after homeowners into qualified leads and lifelong clients.

Outshine the competition. The Home & Remodeling Show is the perfect place for consumers to shop many businesses in one place, so helping you stand out in the crowd is our mission. We help you limit your competitors' appeal by increasing your own. One way we do that is with tips on how to put your best foot forward before, during and after the Show with a Quick Tip Sheet in our emails to you. Another way is by offering you the opportunity for additional free promotion in the Show Directory and paid advertising in the Show Directory and on our website. And if you ever have questions about booth design or other ways to make your show experience more successful, just ask us!

Find success at a fraction of the cost compared to other marketing options. We recognize that determining how and where to spend your marketing dollars is very important to you. We see the Home & Remodeling Show as a huge marketing opportunity. Not many (frankly, we can’t think of any) other forms of advertising can bring you and your team face-to-face with the right target audience in a space that is customized to fit your needs. You have total control of how your exhibit space works for you! Be sure to visit the Testimonial page to hear what other exhibitors have said about our Shows, the leads they generated and the brand recognition they received.

2019 Booth Pricing
Booth Size Booth Price
5' x 10' $   815
6' x 15' $1,400
5' x 20' Corner $1,600
10' x 10' $1,450
10' x 10' Corner $1,600
10' x 20' $2,785
10' x 20' Corner $2,935
10' x 20' Double Corner $3,085
10' x 30' $4,120
10' x 30' Corner $4,270
10' x 30' Double Corner $4,420
10' x 40' $5,455
10' x 40' Corner $5,605
10' x 50' $6,790
20' x 20' $5,455
20' x 20' Double Corner $5,755
20' x 30' $8,125
20' x 30' Double Corner $8,425
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Be a part of the area’s largest fall home event, produced by the Home Builders Association, a well-regarded organization in the St. Louis area. To become an exhibitor, please login to the Exhibitor Portal (coming soon). Or to learn more about the Builders Home & Remodeling Show, please visit the links below or call a member of the Home Show Team.

Tammy Ridgley (314) 817-5624 – Home Show Manager
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Robin Clark (314) 817-5626 - Home Show Sales
Ellen Viehmann (314) 817-5620 – Show Marketing