Dog Agility Demonstrations

Booth 2119 Upper Level

See fun, educational shows by Unique Canine, LLC

See fun, educational shows by Unique Canine, LLC

Agility training is a good way to help your dog stay in shape – and it keeps you in shape as well. It helps drain excess energy so the dog is less destructive or anxious, builds confidence and strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Agility for fun is learning how to have your dog complete obstacles safely, such as climbing up on objects like A frames or seesaws, weaving around objects and going through tunnels.

In their demonstrations, Unique Canine, LLC will be showing how to start dogs in basic agility, how to help them build confidence and do more advanced agility. They will also talk about the importance of obedience and building the bond with your dog so that you can go out and find agility opportunities while hiking or other outings. Several dogs of different sizes, breeds and ages will be demonstrating. Come out and watch the fun!


Demonstration Times:
Friday & Saturday – 11:00, 2:00, 3:30
Sunday – 12:00, 2:00