Exhibitor Manual

Please visit the Exhibitor Manual (coming soon) for details on each of these items.

When can I purchase exhibit space for the HBA Home Shows?

Builders St. Louis Home & Garden Show (Held February/March) - Start Selling in June
Builders St. Charles Home Show (Held April) - Start Selling in September
Builders Home & Remodeling Show (Held September) - Start Selling in March
An email notification is sent to present exhibitors informing them that the Show Exhibitor Portals are open for reserving exhibit space.


If you are not currently an exhibitor please fill out information in the Exhibitor Portal for the show you are interested in and we will be happy to send you the information.

What is required to reserve exhibit space?

An exhibit space application is required to reserve a booth. A 50% deposit is due 15 days from submitting your exhibit space application. Exhibitors paying by credit card can choose alternate payment plans made available in the Exhibitor Portal. Final payment is not due until the beginning of February.

Show Hours

Show hours are Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Show Admission/Exhibitor Passes

The Show has free admission, therefore, there are no exhibitor passes. Exhibitors can gain entry into the building through the south entrance beginning at 8 am on Show days.


1,100 FREE parking spaces make it convenient to attend the Show. Show Management encourages exhibitors to park in Lot D, leaving prime parking available for Show attendees. Handicapped parking is available near all Show entrances.

Set Up and Tear Down of Displays

Exhibit Space Set Up
Beginning March 15, exhibitors may contact Renee Mincher to schedule a move-in time on Thursday between 7 am and 6 pm. A forklift with operator is available 8 am to 4 pm on Thursday. If necessary, hand-carry items may be brought into the building between 8 am and 10 am on Friday morning through the south Exhibitor Entrance.

Exhibit Space Tear Down
Exhibitors may start dismantling their displays at show close on Sunday at 5 pm. Move-out on Sunday evening continues until 9 p.m. Tear down hours for Monday are from 8 am to 2 pm on the Lower Level and from 8-11 am on the Upper Level. Each exhibitor is responsible for removing their own trash from the building. A forklift with operator is available on Monday from 8 am to 2 pm. Breaking down early or moving out booths before the close of the Show on Sunday is strictly prohibited. There will be a $400 fine for anyone that starts breaking down early. Exhibitors who do so will not be allowed to exhibit in future HBA Shows.

Food and Beverage

The St. Charles Convention Center provides an array of food options at concession stands and kiosks located throughout the Show.

Ordering Booth Utilities

Utilities such as electric, WiFi, water, etc. can be ordered through the Exhibitor Portal. They are also included in the Exhibitor Manual that is available online 45 days prior to the Show. The utility order forms are to be sent to the HBA at the address/email/fax listed at the top of each individual form. It is to your benefit to order services early to receive them at a reduced rate.

Do tables, chairs and carpet come with my booth?

Skirted Tables
Each exhibit space includes one 4', 6' or 8' skirted table - if requested in advance on your exhibit space application. Exhibitors may rent additional tables through the Show Decorator, Heritage Exposition Services, or you may bring your own.

Carpet is also included with your booth. If you do not wish to have carpet installed in your booth, Home Show staff must be notified at least seven days prior to the Show opening. Floor covering is required in every booth whether it be concrete block, slabs, linoleum, hardwood, etc.

Company ID Sign
The exhibit space also includes standard pipe and drape and a 7"x44" company ID sign that has your company name and booth number on it. Exhibitors are encouraged to provide a banner (with grommets) for their booth.

Chairs are not included and can be rented through the Show Decorator (forms are in the Exhibitor Manual that is available on our website and on our Exibitor Portal 45 days prior to the show), or you may bring them yourself. Order forms for these items must be sent to the Show Decorator, Heritage Exposition Services.